About Us

The BBA works to promote bees and beekeeping, and to provide a sense of community and support to Peel Region beekeepers.

The BBA was founded in 2010, possibly the newest official beekeeping association in Ontario. Bee enthusiasts had no local association to join, so an ad went out in the paper, a preliminary meeting was held among those who answered. . .and the BBA resulted.

Our membership is informal -no dues, no formal sign-up, no requirements. It is based on a mailing list count. We are not a registered charity or a cluster of commercial operations, just a small group of part-time hobbyists. Those who wish to simply come to a meeting for information are always welcome. Outside our day jobs we also try to promote honeybee sustainability and awareness by participating in shows, fairs and symposiums, and we have given powerpoint-assisted talks to local groups. Every year we happily support and volunteer at the TBDA booth at the Royal Winter Fair, and we always investigate new opportunities to spread the work about honeybees.

For those wishing to take apiarist courses, please investigate the OBA website for yearly course offerings starting each spring (http://www.ontariobee.com/). Some of our members occasionally take apprentices for the season as time and resources allow. We also mentor those who jump right in and get their own hives and decide to ‘wing it.’ Others partner up with another novice beekeeper for mutual support and financial reasons.

Most of our members belong to the Ontario Beekeepers Association, which governs all of Ontario and in turn is under the Canadian Honey Council (http://www.honeycouncil.ca/). We are a local association (based loosely on county boundaries) listed by the OBA but we do not pretend we speak for all beekeepers in Peel Region. We are proud to have 25 sister associations in Ontario and hope to see more in the future.