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Nectar, Sugar, HFCS & Bees: In Search of Clarification or Better Yet, Enlightenment

Sometimes I ask the universe a question and it decides to give me the answer before I even get around to googling it. Being late winter/early spring (1 month until equinox!!!!) it is time to check our hives and if

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The First Step in Colony Reproduction

Eventually everything in nature starts thinking about reproduction. It’s what we do, and each species exhibits specific signs when they have reached sexual maturity. Humans get hair and breast tissue.  Bower birds make elaborate nests. These are obvious outward signs,

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The Acute Senses of Bees

Over the past while articles have surfaced among the flotsam of the internet that have been highlighting some of the lesser known but highly fascinating facets of honeybee biology. To wit, I’ve gathered a few articles for your perusal: 1.

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Bee Keeping 101 – Anatomy of a Bee

Below is a description of the unique parts of a bee. Pollen Basket – The pollen is scraped  out of the pollen comb by means of the pectin, on opposite hind legs. From the pectin it is placed or scraped into

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